Provider of international payroll and expatriate program solutions since 2002

Expaticore serves clients of all sizes and currently operates payroll in 60+ countries.

Transforms global payroll functions into world-class operations

Expaticore tailors payroll program design, implementation and administration solutions for each client's unique set of needs.
This helps Expaticore's clients create true advantage in the competition for talent in the global marketplace.

Serve clients with expert global payroll and mobility resources

Expaticore understands global payroll not only as an independent financial function but also as it relates to other key functions
(mobility, accounting, tax, IT, legal, and treasury). Expaticore's multifunctional expertise helps manage risk, reduce costs, improve service
and deliver credible useful program data in real time.

Client retention

Expaticore has an extremely high client retention rate due primarily to our
• "Client first" customer service orientation
• Heavy emphasis on compliance and risk mitigation
• Strong communications with clients, their employees and service partners
• Attention to program cost management