Introduction: Expaticore places the highest value on protecting the privacy of our website visitors. Therefore, Expaticore is committed to being compliant with U.S.-EU Safe Harbor principles and U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor principles. These principles are in reference to the transfer of personal information from locations outside of the US, including the European Union and Switzerland, to the United States.

Expaticore complies with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework and the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information from European Union member countries and Switzerland.

Expaticore has certified that it adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement. To learn more about the Safe Harbor program, and to view Expaticore's certification, please visit:

Below you will find Expaticore's privacy policy which explains how we at Expaticore obtain and use personal information.

Notice: Expaticore will make sure to notify all individuals in any case when their personal information is being considered for disclosure to a third party. In addition to this, all individuals will have the option of limiting or preventing their information from being disclosed to a third party. Notice of this preference can be made to Expaticore at the time information is collected, or any time prior to use.

Choice: Through our website query page, Expaticore collects certain personal data provided directly (name, e-mail address, telephone number) by prospective clients, those who may make other direct inquires about our Firm, or those who may request industry-related information. Expaticore stores this information for its own use in responding to these queries, for potential eventual use if the prospect becomes a client, and for the distribution of periodic e-mails relating to industry matters or general marketing information concerning Expaticore. Those who provide their personal information to Expaticore for these purposes can request that we do not contact them for purposes other than their initial inquiry via an "opt-out" feature on the website as they submit their personal information. Expaticore does not collect personal information via its website in any other way.

Onward Transfers: Prior to Expaticore disclosing personal information to a third party, Expaticore will notify individuals and allow them the choice to prevent this disclosure except where such disclosure is required by law.

Data Security: Expaticore has implemented technological and operational security processes to protect any personal information from loss, misuse, alteration or unintentional destruction. While no security measure can guarantee against compromise, Expaticore regularly reviews and updates its security measures in an effort to provide appropriate security for all information held by Expaticore.

Data Integrity: Expaticore will only process Personal Information in a way that is compatible with and relevant for the purpose for which this information was collected or authorized by our client.

These uses may include:

• Answering queries
• Payroll processing
• Assignment management services
• Tax compliance and processing
• Industry-related information dissemination (if data owner has not opted out)
• Updates regarding Expaticore (if data owner has not opted out)

To the extent necessary for those purposes, Expaticore will take all reasonable steps to ensure that Personal Information is not only accurate, but complete, current and reliable for its intended use.

Access: Expaticore will allow an individual to access their Personal Information and be able to correct, amend or delete information which is not accurate, unless it is a case where the burden or expense of providing access to this information would be disproportionate to the risks of the privacy of the individual in the case in question or in the case that the rights of persons other than the individual would be violated.

Enforcement: Expaticore uses a self-assessment approach to assure compliance with this privacy policy and periodically verifies that the policy is accurate, comprehensive for the information intended to be covered, prominently displayed, completely implemented and accessible and in conformity with the Principles. We encourage interested persons to raise any concerns using the contact information provided and we will investigate and attempt to resolve any complaints and disputes regarding use and disclosure of Personal Information in accordance with the Principles. If a complaint or dispute cannot be resolved through our internal process, we agree to find a resolution that adheres to the EU Safe Harbor and Swiss Safe Harbor data protection principles, with the use of a third party resolution service.

Amendments: This privacy policy may be amended from time to time consistent with the requirements of the Safe Harbor. We are committed to maintaining compliance with these principles, and Expaticore will post any revised policy on this website.

Cookies: A cookie is a small file, which is placed on the user's hard drive following a visit to a website using cookies. At present, Expaticore does not place any cookies on our visitor's computers.

Expaticore may decide to implement cookies on our website in the future and, if so, we will address in a relevant policy if it does.

Linked Websites: We provide links to third party sites. Since we do not control these websites, we encourage you to review the privacy statement posted on these (and all) third party sites. Expaticore is not responsible for the privacy statements or practices of sites and services controlled by other companies or organizations.

Accessibility: We are continually working to ensure this website is accessible to everyone. If you find a problem that prevents access, please contact us by sending an e-mail to Information that cannot be accessed will be provided in an alternative format.

We self-certify compliance with:
Safe Harbor

Original Effective Date: July 1, 2011
Revised 6/2014 (Effective July 1, 2014)